01. The final speaking test is [crucial] if you want to pass the course.
02. This public debate is [crucial] for the governor if he hopes to win re-election.
03. An improvement in the economic future of the lower class is [crucial] if the country wants to avoid a civil war.
04. It is [crucial] that you get regular exercise if you want to lose weight.
05. He failed a couple of [crucial] exams, and is now looking at having to repeat the entire year.
06. It is absolutely [crucial] that we make a good business plan before trying to start our own company.
07. Knowing how to use a computer is a [crucial] skill in today's professional job market.
08. According to Jean Piaget, it is a child's interaction with peers that provides the social experiences [crucial] for the development of morality.
09. Barbara Friedman once said that it's [crucial] for a couple to have shared goals and values because the more you have in common, the less you have to argue about.
10. Irving Kristol once said, "People need religion. It's a vehicle for a moral tradition. A [crucial] role. Nothing can take its place."
11. Developing an effective publicity campaign is [crucial] to our company's success.
12. Over 45,000 people die in British Columbia each year from cigarettes, so it is [crucial] that we find a way to reduce smoking in our province.
13. To understand Iraqi culture, it is [crucial] to study the religion of Islam.
14. The summer of 1990 was [crucial] for Albania, and saw the beginning of changes in government which eventually led to the end of communism in that country.
15. The Navy of Singapore plays a [crucial] role in the defense of that nation because it is surrounded by the sea.
16. H. Douglas Brown has noted that there are certain [crucial] variables which affect learners' successes in acquiring a foreign language.
17. The ocean waters off British Columbia are rich in nutrients, and provide [crucial] feeding grounds for humpback whales, orcas, dolphins and sea lions.
18. Early detection of breast cancer is [crucial] for a cure.
19. It is [crucially] important that you put this letter in the mail today. Otherwise, your application won't arrive on time.
20. Within the atmosphere of the planet Earth, both the proportion and the constituents of the air are [crucial] to the survival of all life.
21. The twin attributes of language and culture have been [crucial] in enabling the human species to adapt to a wide range of conditions and environments.
22. Richard Wagner was the outstanding composer of opera in Germany, and one of the [crucial] figures in the history of music in the 1800s.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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